Hi there! My name is Alessandra and I'm the heart, mind and spirit behind the project Soul Pace Yoga.

Looking back I can clearly see that none of the sports I tried over the years ever really appealed to me, whereas my early encounters with Yoga from being a teenager immediately fascinated me. Finally, there was meaning beyond movement and this deeply resonated with my nature.

I decided to attend my very first Hatha Yoga course pushed by a profound need of allowing myself some quality time, taking care of both my mental and physical health.

As a result I ended up falling in love with a discipline that changed and helped me like nothing before.



During my 2 years of Yoga teacher training at the International Yoga School of Hari Om (Alessandria, Italy) I started to teach a dynamic style of Yoga designed to bridge the gap between body and mind, cultivate calmness and self-acceptance through movement and breathing.

Throughout the years of teaching it became more and more important for me to create a friendly, judgment-free space where it was possible to relearn how to listen to ourselves, evolve and befriend our flaws and limits instead of widening that gap.